My Process

(You can trust it)


What’s your story?

Think we might be a match? Awesome! Please take a moment to fill out my contact form, or book a call with me. From there, we can meet up for a coffee, cocktail, or a really hazy IPA locally and just get to know each other for a bit. We can talk about your wedding vision and anything else you may have questions about.


Plan Together

This is where we talk about what wedding package is right for you. We establish a rough timeline for the day and visualize how everything comes together. If you are still looking for certain vendors, I’m here to help you in that process. We plan out an fun and laid back engagement session so I can get to know you as a couple, and you cant to know me as a photographer. 


Leading Up

In the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, I’ll send you a few questionnaires to learn about the specifics of the big day. We’ll put together family formal lists, VIPs and any other little details you want me to know about. Once we’re closer to the date, we’ll finalize your timeline and do a quick check-in call to make sure everything is covered.


Go Time

It’s here, the wedding day! Everything is in place and we’re ready to go! Pour a mimosa or sip from a flask and let the day unfold. It’s time to kick back, relax and get married. . . . then party like crazy!

Sneak peeks arrive pretty quickly afterward!



Date Night

Once your photos have been edited, let’s plan a date night. . . . for the two of you, it might be a bit awkward with me tagging along. Order takeout, uncork a bottle of wine, and relive all of the magic that was your wedding day.

BTW – I always ask for a selfie just before you open the photos. I smile so hard it hurts when I get these!

Is this how you want your wedding story to be told?

Let’s make memories that last a lifetime.

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