Lehigh Valley Senior Portrait Locations

There are a wide variety of Lehigh Valley Senior Portrait locations that range from open fields with greenery to the iconic structure of Bethlehem Steel Works.

Lockridge Park

Lockridge Park has a wide variety of spots that make for stunning backdrops in senior portraits. The park features well-maintained gardens, lush greenery, and walking paths that provide a serene and natural environment.

The park is home to the historic ruins of the Lock Ridge Furnace, which add a touch of history and rustic charm to photographs. These structures create a dramatic and textured backdrop that contrasts beautifully with the natural surroundings. This mix of old and new elements makes the photos visually interesting and rich in context.

Kalmbach Park

Kalmbach Park is a great location regardless of the season. There are walking paths that lead through open areas, tall pines, a creek with a bridge and a covered trail through the woods.

Throughout this park there are little vignettes that can give you a wide variety of scenes for your senior portrait session.

Allentown Rose Garden

The Allentown Rose Gardens are a very popular and well known location for portraits in the Lehigh Valley. There are gazebos, walking paths, ponds and of course trellises filled with roses. 

Photographers love the gardens for their natural light and the variety of settings they offer. Whether you’re looking for bright, sunny shots or more shaded photos, the Rose Gardens have it all. This versatility, combined with the sheer beauty of the place, makes it a top choice for senior portraits.

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